Sunday 17 July 2016

One Mini Every Week #28

Another 'Bones' miniature painted for this week's project...

This particular one is their Warg miniature - and, compared to most wolf-like figures, this one is huge (for reference, I've mounted it on an 60mm x 30mm oval base).

(note that I'll be using it as the 'white wolf' from THIS little one-page-dungeon style encounter that I shared a while back)

I've also heard that Reaper have started to change the material they use for the Bones range, and I'm thinking that this might be one of them - as it was more of a greyish colour than the usual bright white ...and it also seems to be a bit more rigid.

Anyway, on the whole, I'd say that this was another great mini from the Reaper Bones line :)

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