Saturday 13 August 2016

One Mini Every Week #30 to #32

If you were wondering what's happened to the #oneminieveryweek project ...I'm still at it - it's just that I've been doing a spot of batch painting these past couple of weeks...

...and as you can see, here we have a few figures that I'm going to be using as crude golems and/or elementals.

The large one is an old OOP D&D mini from back in the 3rd edition era (I actually have a few different mini's from that range lying around - so it was about time I splashed some paint on one), and here he is mounted on a 40mm base.

The two regular size miniatures (mounted on 30mm bases) are actually from Kallista's 10mm 'elementals' pack - which are obviously meant to be giant size in 10mm, but they also work well as regular size elementals in 28mm.

And for the smaller guys, I've just glued a few pieces of fish tank gravel together (in a roughly humanoid shape), and stuck them to 20mm bases.

I've also created a couple of small standing stones* with 'magic runes' upon them by taking a piece of gravel from the garden path and putting a sticker on one side from a sheet of 'craft stickers' that are usually used in card making (or similar).

*these will be used to power/control the golems in an encounter I am planning :)

And as you can see, after a quick paint job, they don't look too bad at all :)

-the finished set-

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