Thursday 2 January 2020

Some of the 'print & paste' highlights from 2019

I said that I would follow up my last post with a similar article about the print & paste stuff that's been appearing on the youtube channel here goes...

So, I think the channel has gained around 3000 subscribers over the course of the year (which is pretty amazing if you ask me), and most of the responses and feedback I've been receiving have been super positive.

I mean sure, there's always going to be a downvote or two (and the occasional snarky comment will surface every now and again) - but that's just the nature of youtube, and is to be expected (or at least, that's what I'm telling myself :) ).

Plus, the regular dungeon terrain has expanded to include sewers...

...papercraft(ish) miniatures and player handouts...

...sci-fi tiles and terrain (though this is still very much in its infancy)...

...multi level dungeons...

...and I've also teamed up with SquareHex again to produce more sheets of textures that you can buy (at a very affordable price) - instead of having to print everything out at home...

So yeah, it's been a busy year on the youtube front - though I've still not got as much stuff done as I had hoped (filming and editing videos takes up a huge amount of time ...not to mention all the design work) ...but it's been (mostly) fun nonetheless - and there's still lots more to come.

Furthermore, the channel is getting pretty close to 5000 subscribers now ...and I'll be doing another giveaway when I get to 5K you might want to keep your eye open for that.

Anyway, a huge thanks goes out to everyone that subscribed, commented, and got in touch or sent pictures of their builds (via social media etc.) really has been a great experience thus far :)

Thanks again!


  1. A great 2019 it was. Looking forward to your new tiles for 2020.

    1. Yeah, lets hope I can get at least as much done this year ...hopefully more :)