Wednesday 12 October 2011

Mathgar Ruins - Part 10


Note that, unless otherwise stated, this entire level will be dimly lit by the occasional low burning torch or candle, causing all vision based perception tests to be made at a -25% penalty (i.e. treat as partial darkness) unless a character has night sight or their own light source.

U1. Hallway. Formerly used for additional storage space, this small hallway acts as an intersection for all the rooms and passages of this level.

  • An easy perception test here (+50%) reveals a strong smell of unwashed bodies, and possibly the harsh sounding voices of any beastlings/wildlings gathered in area U3 (depending on how active/awake they are at the time).
  • The corridor that leads to area U4 ends in doorway devoid of any actual door.

U2. Wine Cellar. Little remains that would identify this room's original purpose as its primary use now is that of a guard post (or very occasionally as a latrine). However, unless the current occupants are on high alert, the room will be unoccupied more often than not.

U3. Training Hall.
The roof of this large six-sided chamber is upheld by four pillars carved into the likeness of slender tree trunks. At its centre two steep steps lead down into a shallow pit-like area filled with the gear and various oddments belonging to its current occupants.
Once used as a basic training arena and (due to its excellent acoustics) also as a hall for the singing of songs and the telling of tales, this large underground room has become the main barracks for the warband that now occupies the keep.

The number (and type) of creatures found here is somewhat variable, and largely left up to the GM's discretion. If, for example, most of the beastlings/wildlings are out on a raid (or have been lured out by some other means) then as little as 1d4 might remain. However, if the majority of the warband are resting here (perhaps during the daylight hours) then as many as 2d4+4 may be present. Also, because of the number of combatants that can found in this room, the GM may decide to use the horde rule should the players foolishly decide to charge in with swords drawn.

  • Anyone examining this room more closely will see that the walls must have been highly decorated once, as bright colours will be visible here and there (though not much will be recognisable due to the filth and the scrawl that covers it). Otherwise the room is largely empty apart from several weeks worth of dried or salted (and largely unidentifiable) flesh, and a barrel of stagnant water.
  • From here a door leads into area U4 - though the locking mechanism no longer works. However a crude latch has been fitted to the reverse of the door - preventing anyone from entering from this direction (though the door may be forced with a normal athletics test, or the latch may be manipulated from this side with a mechanisms test - assuming some kind of narrow tool is available that will fit though the crack between the door and its frame).

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