Wednesday 5 October 2011

Mathgar Ruins - Part 9


T7. Master Bedroom.
The ceiling of this room is still largely intact, though the chamber itself stinks. At its centre is a small makeshift table with two stools, and over the windows hang covers of dirty linen or patchwork furs.
This room was once a grand bedchamber for the lord and his lady - though now it is little more than a lookout post. As such, there will always be someone/thing on guard here (whether it be night or day), whose job it is to keep watch over the area leading up to the main entrance (though while the sun is up this is usually reduced to peeking out from behind the makeshift curtains a couple of times every hour - unless any noise arouses the lookout's suspicion). In addition, the guard from area T1 can sometimes be found here (see that particular entry), passing the time with the lookout with various games of chance, eating and drinking, or simply trading insults.

A pair of bone dice can usually be found upon the table, along with a wineskin (most likely empty), a half-eaten loaf, a few strips of dried flesh, and a crude water pitcher. A successful perception test (or simply looking in the right place) will also uncover a small dagger secreted away under the table.

A. Garderobe. Anyone curious about the stench in the room will discover that someone has been using the old garderobe in the corner - even though it has been blocked for some time. In addition, anyone foolish enough to go rummaging around in the garderobe runs the risk of catching the following disease:
Name: Grime Fever
Delay: 24 hours
Potency: 60
Full Effect: 1 HP damage per day plus cramps, nausea, fever, and diarrhea after day 2 (i.e. everytime a character performs any task he/she must pass a Resilience test or be forced to attempt that task at a diffuculty level one higher than normal).

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