Wednesday 22 August 2012

Misc. Map Album

I just thought I'd let folks know that I've started a new album over on google+ that contains a couple of maps that I've drawn recently that might be of use to a few GMs out there.

Here's the LINK for anyone who might be interested.


  1. Thanks for all those maps. Again. ;) Will post on g+ when you add new maps to the album?

  2. Hey Kristian

    Are you still answering emails at the yahoo address on ?

    I've got a question about your modular dungeon tiles.


  3. Orph... is the e-mail on the website ...or at least is should be :S

    ...but if you're Chris, then hopefully you've received an e-mail from me recently :)

  4. Jan... Will I post on G+?

    Yep, each time I add something new (which could be a prototype map, something I draw for my own use, or something I discover on one of my hard drives) I'll post it on G+ and also mention it here.