Monday 7 January 2013

The Start of a Zombie Horde

Now that the Map-a-Monday project has come to an end, I should hopefully have a bit more time to spend on a few other hobby-type things from time to time getting some paint slapped on the various miniatures I've got lying around (of which there are quite a few I'm somewhat ashamed to admit :( ).

So, to start things off, I thought I would post my progress on a zombie horde that I've decided to try and speed-paint (though the following picture is not helped by the fact that the 'matt' varnish that I have used has dried slightly glossy, and looks even worse in the photograph than it does in person :( ):

Anyway, the figures themselves come from the Zombies box (well bag really) from Wargames Factory - a package that contains 30 plastic (multi-part) 28mm zombies for roughly £15. And while they might not be the most detailed miniatures in the world (i.e. there is not much depth in some of the recesses, and the edges are not super crisp), I think they're perfectly serviceable models, and will do the job nicely.

As I say, the aim here was to just get them painted as quickly as possible (which is something I'm more inclined to do on cheap plastic models such as these), so all I've done is primed them, given them a base coat (i.e. painted all the different areas a suitable colour), and then 'washed' the miniatures (using some of the old GamesWorkshop washes) to add a bit of shading (which has also made them look a bit grimy too).

So while they don't look particularly great individually or up close, I think the overall effect of 'the horde' isn't too bad .

However, my main gripe with these figures is that there are only male zombies in this particular set ...which means that I'm now on the lookout for the accompanying 'Zombie Vixens' box, so that I can add a bunch female zombies to the horde ...which is sort of counter productive, since I'm actually trying to lessen the pile of unpainted miniatures that I have lying around, rather than adding to it :)


  1. They look great and with the Vixens added sixty zombies makes a great horde!

    1. I have my eye on an ebay auction as we speak :)

  2. They look like a nice bunch, congrats!
    If you ever get the chance to have a pic of those next to GW ones (zed or else), it might be useful to check up sizes.

    1. I don't have any GW zombies assembled at the moment (though I do have a sprue of them lying around someplace), but I can probably do a size comparison next to a GW space marine and/or GW wood elf (and perhaps a few others) ...which I'll try and get around to it this weekend if I can.