Saturday 26 October 2013

Into the Wilderness: Map 5

I'm pleased to announce the release of yet another map-pack for the Into the Wilderness range.

Map 5 features an area or marshland, and (as is usual with these map-packs) is provided in the following formats:

1) A pdf booklet containing three versions of the map; one with a square grid overlay, one with a hex grid overlay, and one with no grid overlay at all:

* * *
2) Each map (i.e. the square grid, hex grid, and gridless version) is also provided as a jpg image optimised for use with virtual tabletops:

* * *
3) In addition, all three versions are supplied as multi-page, miniatures scale, pdfs - so that they can also be used as impromptu battle-mats:

* * *

Into the Wilderness: Map 5 is available for just $1.50 over on RPGNow & DriveThruRPG

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