Sunday 6 October 2013

Fresh from the painting table... (3)

The painting bug hit me hard this past week - so much so that I’ve managed to finish off my German WWII infantry platoon:


...and another picture from a slightly different angle:


I’ve painted these up primarily for use with Warlord Games’ Bolt Action rule set (though they should prove equally useful in other WWII games, or even a Weird War RPG), and all but one of the miniatures are from Black Tree Design.

And for anyone who’s interested in the exact make up of each of the specific units, they go something like this (note that the home-made pin markers to the left of each unit acts as a key in this instance):

1. 2nd Lieutenant and one extra soldier (both armed with SMGs)

2. Sniper team

3. Infantry squad (9 men)
1 x assault rifle (NCO)
1 x SMG & panzerfaust
1 x LMG
1 x LMG loader
1 x rifle & panzerfaust
4 x rifle

4. Infantry squad (9 men)
1 x SMG (NCO)
1 x SMG & panzerfaust
1 x LMG
1 x LMG loader
3 x rifle
2 x assault rifle

5. Infantry squad (9 men) - armed the same as unit 4.

For a grand total of 500 points of regular troops.


  1. Useful looking force. I'd recommend a mortar as well. The size doesn't really matter because its the number of crew that we use to distingish its strength.


    1. I've been thinking of either a medium mortar or a light howitzer. The howitzer has the disadvantage of taking up my artillery slot (whereas a mortar has it's own slot) ...but I really like the look of the German leIG18 howitzer - and so I may have to go with that (purely on aesthetics).

      Then again, the mortar is going really cheap on BTD right now (i.e. 35% off) ...hmm ...decisions, decisions :)