Monday 31 October 2016

One Mini Every Week #43 - Halloween Special

Since it's Halloween, I thought I'd do something a little different for this week's project, and so I've had a go at making some creepy looking scenery (so this blog post also doubles as one of my quick & easy terrain tutorials as well)...

To create the naked/dead trees I've made a base out of two pieces of vinyl floor tile (that have been stuck together - for a bit of added strength), and BBQ skewers and cocktail sticks that have been bent/broken into branch-like shapes (being careful not to snap them entirely in two).

The various pieces have then been superglued together into a treelike shape (and each of the bends/breaks has also been strengthened by adding a spot of superglue).

A hot glue gun is then carefully  dragged up and down the branches and trunk to give it a bit of texture (pulling out from the trunk's base to create the roots).

Each tree is then painted (I've done 1 base coat, and 2 drybrush layers) and based with sand, flock, or static grass (as is your preference) ...and that's pretty much all there is to it!

* * *
As well as the trees, I've also made a few small standing stones (perhaps as the kind of thing that you would expect to see atop an old barrow) that can be used individually...

...or placed on top of one another to make a more substantial piece.

These were made in much the same fashion as my previous 'runestones' (see THIS page) ...i.e. by grabbing a few pieces of gravel from the garden path, and giving them a simple paint job. And despite only taking a few minutes to make, I think they look rather nice :)

-the whole set-

And that's it for this week's project. Next time I should be back to painting actual miniatures again :)


  1. Very nice work I will have to try to make some of these.

    1. Thanks. They're pretty quick & easy to make, and I'm contemplating making a few more myself :) (both the trees and the stones - perhaps for a haunted forest scenario).

  2. Those trees look fantastic. Glue gun a neat way to go.

    1. Thanks. Plus I'm just using one of those cheap (approx £5) glue guns you might get even better results with a more expensive one.