Monday 16 January 2017

A Year (of miniature painting) in Review

As regular followers of the blog will be aware, last year I set myself the task of painting at least one miniature every week that I could use in my Age of Shadow games.

- The current group of adventurers -

Well, I'm pleased to say that I managed to exceed that goal - as I not only painted more than 60 miniatures, but I also ended up making quite a few bits of scatter terrain (though I've not included all of those in the picture).

- all of 2016's miniatures -

However, I'm not sure if I've actually put much of a dent in my 'box(es) of shame' (i.e my stockpile of unpainted miniatures) - as I've probably purchased just as many new miniatures over the course of the year, as I managed to get painted :S

Oh well, as least I tried ;)


  1. I wanted to ask you about the mute palette of colors you use. Any recipes, favorites, or the like?

    1. I'm using a range of paints simply called 'miniature paints' (MP) for all the regular colours (as they are quite cheap & work really well), and 'army painter' (AP) washes & metallics (which I really like and would definitely recommend).

      But yeah, I do tend to use more muted colours from the 'miniature paints' range ...and I often add in some of the MP 'earth brown' or 'khaki' or 'dark grey' to any brighter paints (like reds and blues) to get a more subdued/faded colour.

      So, for example, for blond hair I might go with something like this:

      Basecoat with a mix of 1 sand / 1 leather / khaki.

      Wash with 'army painter' soft tone.

      Highlight/drybrush/tidy with the same base colour.

      Final highlight with a mix of 2 sand / 1 leather / 1 khaki.

      Though I usually basecoat the whole mini first, then apply washes* to the relevant areas (starting with the lightest wash first, and letting it dry before applying any adjacent washes), then tidy/highlight with the original base colour, before finally adding an extra highlight level where needed.

      *though I often mix in a bit of the browner washes to any coloured washes (reds/blues/greens/etc.) - to tone them down too.