Wednesday 4 January 2017

New dungeon geomorphs!


As regular followers of the blog are probably aware, for the past few years I've been drawing a bunch of greyscale geomorphs, and sharing them here on the blog and over on the various social media sites. These maps include:

-a dungeon made up of five of these maps-
However, after five long years (and probably close to 200 maps later), I'm going to call this range of geomorphs done I'm pretty sure that there is enough content to keep even the most hardcore of dungeon crawler's out there happy for quite some time :)


That being said, all good things need not necessarily come to an end ...and (I'm hoping that) you'll be pleased to hear that I have begun work on a whole new set of colour maps...

...which will feature 12x12 geomorphs (or multiples thereof) that will contain a wide variety of empty rooms and passages (like those pictured above), along with fully furnished maps that can be used for specific areas/encounters (like that pictured below).

And just like the previous 'greyscale' maps, you can help me to create more of them by supporting the accompanying PATREON CAMPAIGN (and yeah, every single $1 pledge really helps).

That being said, all of these maps will continue to be freely available to everyone* (regardless of whether or not you are able/inclined to support the Patreon campaign), and will be collected in THIS ALBUM over on Google plus (though I've only got a handful finished at the moment, as the project has only just begun).

However, the more support I get, the more time I'll be able to dedicate to this new project ...which will then result in more maps for everyone!

-an example of how the tiles can be pieced together-

So, if this sounds like something you'd be interested in seeing more of, then please checkout my PATREON PAGE ...and even if you choose to not support the project as a patron, words of encouragement and suggestions/criticisms are always welcome!

*Note that, at the moment these maps are for personal use only - but if the Patreon campaign really takes off, I'll consider making them available for commercial projects too.

* * * *

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Free geomophs collected here:

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