Sunday 8 January 2017

January's Geomorphs (part 3)

This year's geomorph project has reached the next milestone ...which means that, each month, I'll be creating a minimum of:
  • 3 batches of basic geomorphs (each consisting of 4 small maps).
  • 1 small 'custom' geomorph (based on the suggestion of a $6.25 patron).
  • 1 large 'custom' geomorph (based on the suggestion of a $25 patron).
So, I've sat down and drawn another batch of geomorphs this weekend (to fulfil my '3 batch minimum' promise) ...and here they are:

Also note that all of these geomorphs are freely available (whether or not you are able to support the Patreon campaign), and are collected in THIS ALBUM, as well as being available over on GOOGLE DRIVE.

And if you're interested in seeing how these maps look when you piece a few of them together, here's another little example...

....though more complex and varied layouts will be possible in the coming months - i.e. when I manage to add more tiles to the library!

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