Tuesday 6 December 2011

Map-a-Monday ...a compilation booklet?

So I've spent most of the last week getting the finial 'map-a-Monday' maps finished off (as I like to be one or two maps ahead of myself), and gathering them all together into a pdf booklet that I'll also release on the final Monday of this year.

I'm thinking if having the booklet available for just $1 - however it will also include several additional maps not featured on the blog including:
4 bonus standard-size maps (16 x 16 squares)
3 bonus double-size maps (32 x 32 squares)
12 bonus half-size maps (8 x 8 squares - mostly stairs up/down)
...for a total of 71 maps.

(note that the maps as they appear on the blog aren't going anywhere, this booklet is just going to be an optional extra, with several extra maps thrown in for good measure :) )

* * * * *

But with the end of the 2011 map-a-Monday project less than three weeks away, I can't help but think about what I should do for 2012 :)

Now, I'm not sure that drawing a new map every single week of the year (again) would be a good idea (that way lies madness), but at the very least I'm thinking of switching to a Map-a-Month project or something similar.

But rather than dungeons (as we probably all have enough of those now), I'm thinking of cave maps in a similar style (i.e. still done in a 'geomorph' style, and designed to work alongside the existing dungeons).

However if anyone has any other ideas, comments, or thoughts on any of the above, feel free to drop me a comment below.


  1. There is also a lack of good city and wilderness geomorphs, too. But I guess the need for geomorphing wilderness is pretty low. And caves are a fine thing.

  2. I think a compilation would be a great idea, and I'd be down for picking one up. I'd love to see some cave work done for geomorph tiles, the idea of a more natural looking underground complex lends itself to several races easily.

  3. Caves would certainly be the easiest for me to draw, though I do like the idea of simplifying the city/wilderness ideas (and kinda merging them into one) to create some kind of simple 'village geomorphs' (with a few rustic houses by the side of the road, fields, a copse of trees etc.).