Thursday 1 December 2011

Xmas / anniversary competition round one

So, there are only three people interested in getting free stuff today? Very well's the order.

1. Jaerdaph
2. Katfish
3. Axtklinge

And here's the 1d3 roll over on invisible castle: LINK

...with the winner being number 2 ...Katfish!

So just drop me a message bellow to let me know what you would like, the e-mail address you want the coupon sent to, and I'll take care of the rest.

Note that the original post can be found HERE if you want be included in next week's draw, be sure to add a 'count me in' comment to that particular blog entry.


  1. Oh man, my apologies Kris, have been sitting in a hospital for a few weeks, I had no idea I had won. If the offer still stands I would love a copy of The Little Book Of Dungeons - Volume I. My email address is

  2. Of course the offer still stands (and hopefully you are feeling much better now). I've just sent the coupon code out, but if it doesn't arrive any time soon, let me know.

  3. Just got my coupon code, and redeemed instantly. Am going to have to burn a few ink cartridges today. Thanks for the swag Kris, much obliged, and yeah, I'm doing better, especially since I got a shiny new PDF to play with today.