Monday 12 December 2011

Map-a-Monday (week 50)

Here's the 50th map of the year:

...and a simple pdf battlemat version can be found HERE

Edit (see comments)

The whole tile is basically one long corridor on three different levels. If you enter from the eastern side you will descend a (20ft long) set of steps to a landing (A). From the landing you can head south down another set of steps, or head SE towards room D.

A simpler diagram:
So the wavy lines are there to show the different levels (if it were drawn without them, the South entry/exit would be almost black ...and not join with any of the other tiles very well).


  1. The stairs are confusing me. Is the inner part (A to D)only reachable from a different level? And form the right you go one level down and from the bottom one up? Looks strange.

  2. I've edited the post to try and explain things a little better (or at least I hope it explains things a little better :) ).

  3. Ahhh, alright, that did it. I interpreted the wavy lines as "breaks" and not just as level changes. Thanks! :)