Saturday 23 April 2016

Complete Age of Shadow Product line

Every now and again I get asked about what's coming up next for the Age of Shadow ...or if I'm still supporting the game.

Well, as regular readers of the blog may have noticed, a lot of what I do is often AoS related (in one way or another) it the miniatures that I happen to be painting - to the maps* and tiles I'm constantly drawing.

(*even the 'dungeon monthly' map compilations are titled 'The Lost Halls of Dam-Teregal' area that just so happened to get a very brief mention in last year's 'zine).

So, since I'm obviously not doing a very good job of touting my wares, I thought I would take this opportunity to compile a list of all the Age of Shadow related products to date.


Core Rules and Campaign Guide

The core rules are all that's really needed to play the game (as it features everything from character generation rules to monster stats) and is available for free.

In addition to the core rules you can also pick up the Campaign Guide - which provides a basic overview of the default campaign setting, and also includes a variety of additional/optional rules.

Plus there's also a free colour version of the character sheet (should you desire one).

* * *

Encounters in the Northlands

This booklet contains a few short adventures and encounters (as well as a couple of new hazards and monsters for your players to overcome).

* * *

'Neath the Shadow

These little booklets (#1 and #2) are currently coming out at a rate of one per year, and contain an eclectic mix of articles (from new items and monsters, to encounter seeds and random tables) ...which are often taken from my own game notes.

* * *


The Northern Kingdom

This map depicts the Northern Kingdom (from the default setting) in a little more detail.

* * *

Hex Maps

Both of these maps (No. 1 and 2) focus in on one area within the Northern Kingdom.

* * *

Fortress Map Packs

Each of these maps provide you with a brief background of the structure in question, along with a number of maps that detail the overall layout.

* * *

Into the City

While these maps are suitable for use with most fantasy RPGs, they have been designed so that they are typical of Elvish buildings within the AoS setting.

* * *

Into the Village


Like the 'City' maps above, these maps are suitable for use with most fantasy RPGs - though they have also been designed so that they are fairly typical of Human dwellings within the AoS setting.

* * *

It's probably also worth mentioning that both the Into the Darkness range, and the PWYW Dungeon Tiles also contain some AoS iconography (the emblems upon the tombs, and some of the floor patterns for example) - which also ties them into the setting nicely. Furthermore, if you're interested in getting some of these booklets in print, you might also like to check out what's available from the lulu store.

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