Friday 15 April 2016

Another Patreon Funded Map :)

As I mentioned at the beginning of the month, I have one extremely generous patron (over on Patreon) who's pledged at the 'dungeon designer' level - but instead of requesting a specific geomorph, they have instead asked that I simply 'freestyle' a couple of maps however I see fit.

So, for this next map I've had a go at another 'lets build a dungeon' project over on G+ (basically, it was a fun little project where folks offered up basic room descriptions, one or two at a time - which I then attempted to add to the map).

And here's the resulting map...

(note, if blogger makes this image too small, you can get a full size version, scaled at 50 pixels per grid square HERE)

Furthermore, if you'd like to see how the map progressed over on G+, you can check out THIS 'collection' - or if you would just like to grab a pdf copy of the dungeon (complete with all the descriptions that people submitted), you can download it HERE.

Anyway, here's hoping you guys like it!

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