Tuesday 12 April 2016

One Mini Every Week #15

Despite being a little busy last week (what with the release of the 'zine and my 'lets build a dungeon' project over on G+), I did manage to get another miniature painted ...though I've only just got round to photographing it...

As you can see, this one is the second miniature from the pack of two 'orc archers' (that are available from Ral Partha Europe), and just like the last one, I've gone with another simple (and dark) paint scheme.

And here's a quick look at all of these particular style of orcs all together...

- these will be used as 'darklings' (i.e. the half-breed spies from the encounter booklet) in my current AoS campaign -

...and though I still have about half a dozen more of these guys to paint - I might take a break from them for a little while, and splash some paint on something different this coming week :)

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