Wednesday 14 September 2011

Mathgar Ruins - Part 1


Somewhere within the northern eaves of the Bleakwood (or Eradaur to give that wood its elvish name of old) lie the ruins of Garad Mathgar - an ancient stone fortress that once stood watch upon the borders of the elven lands.

In these latter days, nought but a few crumbling stones remain of its towers and thick curtain wall, for it was largely destroyed in the great wars of the North many centuries ago - when the forces of the enemy overrun much of what is now the Northern Kingdom.

Indeed, that which still stands has long been ravaged by the passage of time, so that few could discern its whereabouts were it not for the old keep that still stands atop the hill about which the fortress was built.

Yet few have ventured within its moss-covered walls, for the keep has an ill name in these latter days - its halls rumoured to be filled with the restless spirits of the fallen warriors that once served upon the walls of the old fortress.


The forest about the hill (upon which the keep stands) has crept closer over the years - though the hill itself remains relatively free, with no more than long grass and brambles to impede ones ascent.

The keep itself is in the form of an elongated hexagonal shape with many slotted windows and a single fire-blackened door. About its broken roof runs a crumbling parapet (though both have seen better days), and only the vaguest hints remain of the decorative stonework that once adorned its outer walls.


Throughout its years of abandonment, Mathgar ruins has (on several occasions) been the secret abode of various emissaries of the enemy. It is not surprising then, that many of the dark rumours associated with the place can probably be attributed (at least in part) to the activities of these passing agents.

At the current time the keep is being used as a lair/hideout for a band of beastlings & wildlings - who have gathered here after many leagues of secret travel. What task they have been set by their cruel masters is largely left to the GMs discretion (though doubtless it includes banditry, gathering information, and bloody murder), though remaining undetected will be of utmost importance.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that access to the keep may also be gained via a secret tunnel that leads into the lowest level of the structure - though the location of its entrance is a highly guarded secret (but it is plausible that a captured beastling/wildling scout might divulge this information in exchange for their pitiful life).

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  1. This, the first instalment of the adventure location, is really only for the GMs benefit - just to give a little bit of background and help set the scene (before moving on to the particulars of the keep itself).

    How much information the PCs know about the ruins depends largely on how the GM works the ruins into his/her adventure/campaign (i.e. the party could be ambushed and track the beastlings back to their lair, rumours of missing travellers could be cause for concern, strange lights might have been seen near the ruins, information gained though captured agents of the enemy might point to the keep, etc.) ...but once things are underway the GM might like to have the players make relevant skill tests (Lore - ancient history, or Culture - elf for example) to give them a chance of knowing a little of its background.

    Alternately, some of the background information might simply be passed on by an NPC who is knowledgeable in such matters (the stereotypical 'quest-giver' for example), or any other means that the GM sees fit.