Sunday 25 September 2011

Mathgar Ruins - Part 7


T1. Gallery.

This small room was once home to several portraits and fine tapestries, though now it stands bare except for a simple stool and (usually) a lone beastling guard (who has a 25% chance not actually being here and instead wandering through areas T2 and T7).

The stairs leading up from here are blocked with rubble - though they once led up to the roof (about which a narrow parapet ran).

T2. Antechamber.

Three doors remain intact here - those leading to areas T5, T6, and T7 (though the lock only works on the door to area T5).

The guard that is usually found in area T1 possesses the only key to area T5 - however characters may attempt a normal Mechanisms test to pick the lock, or an Athletics test to force the door open (also note that should anyone try to damage the door, it has 25HP/AP2).

T3. Bedchamber.
The roof of this empty chamber has started to collapse in a few places - the debris from which has added to the general rubble and dirt scattered about the floor.

This is a long abandoned room that the beastlings have a natural dislike for - due to a small amount of residual 'elvish magic' that lingers here (see notes). In addition, anyone searching through the rubble (or alternately anyone who succeeds a perception test) will notice that there was once a decorative pattern upon the floor of this chamber in the shape of a rayed star (thought now it's extremely worn and badly damaged)

- how the pattern may have once looked -

Before its ruin, anyone who whispered the elvish word for starlight (i.e. telgalil) in this chamber would have caused the whole room to be filled with a soft and pleasant light. Now though, the magic has faded greatly, so that only a slight hint of light can be seen around the edges of the floor pattern if the word is spoken.

As such, anyone who studies the pattern and makes a successful innate magic test will be aware of the residual magic here (as will the innate spell Second Sight), though a successful Culture (elf) test will also be required to learn the activation word. If activated, everyone in the room (be they man, dwarf or elf) will also gain +1 temporary hit point (treat as a diminished version of the vigour spell on p42 of the rulebook).

X. Garderobe. The old privy is blocked and useless.

T4. Bedchamber.

As entry T3, except that the pattern of the floor is barely perceptible and so damaged that no magic remains.

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