Friday 16 September 2011

Mathgar Ruins - Part 2


All of the beastlings and wildlings that appear in 'Mathgar Ruins' use the standard statistics found in the main Age of Shadow rulebook - with the only exception being the equipment they carry. As such only a very brief statblock will be accompanying the relevant room descriptions, along with the details for any weapon(s) and armour that they might use.

In addition, unless it is otherwise noted, there is a chance that any beastling/wildling may possess one of the following items in addition to its personal effects:

  1. Potion of Treat Wounds (heals 2 HP)
  2. Dried meats (1 day's worth)
  3. Waterskin (water)
  4. Waterskin (wine)
  5. Stale loaf
  6. Grappling hook
  7. Rope (10m)
  8. Crowbar
  9. Slingbag (with a cup, small knife, etc.)
  10. A crude, but functional, first aid kit

The suggested chance is 25% for lesser creatures, 50% for common creatures, and 100% for greater creatures (rolling a d10 on the list above to determine the actual item). Alternately the GM may simply use his/her discretion and equip any of the beastlings/wildlings as he/she sees fit.

Finally, should an occasion ever arise where the name of a particular beastling/wildling would be useful to know, then listed below are several suitable examples:

  • Kongris
  • Bartas
  • Paflok
  • Mauzur
  • Zaugal
  • Kalsak
  • Fotak
  • Hungrog
  • Shakop
  • Bukol

  • Bren
  • Drast
  • Erthar
  • Uron
  • Kirmot

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  1. Now all that's out of the way, the next installment should start dealing with the layout of the keep itself.