Friday 23 September 2011

Mathgar Ruins - Part 6


M3. Guest Quarters.
A rather crude looking table (made up of various pieces of old wood) is pushed up against one wall of this room, and is littered with bits of bone and a few crude knives. The air itself has a noticeable coppery taste to it, and a small blackened cook-pot is suspended over the embers of a meagre fire.

The room itself is only occupied around 25% of the time* - but when it is in use, one or two of the smaller beastlings can be found here (who have been bullied into the role of 'cook').

However, since the 'cooks' are not the best of combatants, they will usually flee and attempt to get help if they encounter intruders within the keep.

If captured or are somehow convinced to talk, they will eagerly sell out the rest of their band (telling the PCs of the rough layout of the keep and where the other beastlings/wildlings are most likely to be found), in exchange for their pitiful lives.

  • Both doors to this room are still relatively intact (though they creak somewhat when opened or closed - i.e. anyone else on this level or in the hall below should be allowed a perception test to hear one being used).
  • The room itself is currently being used as a makeshift kitchen, though it is usually unoccupied (see above), as the only cooking the beastlings go for is a kind of weak stew made up of 'leftovers' from a recent kill (which does not usually amount to much), or things that have started to go bad.
  • Anyone taking the time to examine the fireplace will discover the remnants of a weak (and not very pleasant smelling) stew in the bottom of the cook-pot.
  • Examining the table will reveal that it is stained near black with blood, and that the knives are of various sizes and shapes (treat as daggers). Beneath the table is a large box with an ill-fitting hinged lid and a small open-topped barrel of water. Inside the box is a boars head, two stale loaves, half a dozen wooden bowls, and a couple of small wooden logs (a successful perception test will also reveal a few live maggots).

*GMs should feel free to alter this % as they see fit.

†One of the 'cooks' is currently planning the murder of one of the wildlings (with whom he is at odds) with the aid of this particularly nasty poison:
Name: Gut-rot poison
Type: Ingested
Delay: 1d3 hours
Potency: 90
Full Effect: 1d6 CON damage per day and extreme nausea & stomach cramps (treat all tasks as hard)
Duration: 1d4 days
Note that if this poison is mixed in with a fresh batch of stew (rather than being applied to a single bowl) its effects will be drastically reduced as follows:
Name: Gut-rot poison (diluted)
Type: Ingested
Delay: 1d3 hours
Potency: 60
Full Effect: 1 CON damage per day and nausea (treat all tasks as difficult)
Duration: 1d3 days

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