Tuesday 31 January 2023

Dungeon Build Along - SEASON 2 - complete!

I've refrained from posting weekly updates about this year's build along project (i.e. a project where I show how to build all the terrain and handouts for a little dungeon level - one room/encounter at a time) for fear of it getting mixed up with the #dungeon23 project (as they're both similar in nature - but very much different dungeons).

So, while today saw my last #dungeon23 entry for a while, yesterday also saw the completion of this year's 'build along' (so yeah, it's been a busy month).

Anyway, since I haven't been talking much about this years project here on the blog, I thought I would do a quick post today that features all of January's videos - just to get caught up... so here goes!

So yeah, that's another level of the 'build along' dungeon done - and if you've been making it yourself, then feel free to post your progress over on the Facebook community page or Discord server if you like.

Furthermore, I've been keeping track of the encounters in THIS google doc if you're interested in printing out a written copy of the dungeon (though be warned - it's very rough :) ).

Anyway, if you have been following along, I hope you've enjoyed it - and if not - well... next month I'll be getting back to my normal kind of videos ;)

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