Saturday 14 January 2023

#dungeon23 - January - Area 14 (and week 2 roundup)



  • Most of this cavern-like area is more than 7ft high – with several smaller tunnels (little more than crawl spaces) leading off from it.

  • The sickly smell of rot is strong here.

ENCOUNTER: If the PCs have not been in area XX* yet, there will be a sound of commotion from that direction (banging and panicked goblin voices). If the party lingers in this area, they might also find that they are assailed by two ghouls** coming from the east (who are attempting to outflank the aforementioned goblins in area XX).

REVELATION: A perceptive character might notice a slight breeze from the west passage (area 15).

Notes to self:

* area ‘XX’ is the room to the north.

**they are heading down from area 12 and through 13, before reaching 14.



So, that's two weeks done, and I still think it's going OK.

However, as you can see, I am starting to plan ahead a bit more (with regard to the layout of the dungeon), and I'm trying to have some of the encounters be less static... if that makes sense.

So yeah, I'm not really having to go back a revise stuff yet - but I do expect that will happen as I delve deeper into the dungeon - but so far, so good!

Note that I'm compiling all of these room entries in THIS google doc.

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