Tuesday 17 January 2023

#dungeon23 - January - Area 17



  • A 20ft tall obelisk stands from floor to (vaulted) ceiling of this octagonal chamber.

  • Upon each of its sides strange runes and sigils have been carved.

  • Open archways lead east, west and south, and to the north is a set of sturdy wooden doors (bound with iron).

ENCOUNTER: If the PCs have not been in area XXX yet, there will be a sound of commotion from that direction (banging and panicked goblin voices).

REVELATION: The inscriptions on the obelisk are written in a forgotten tongue – but if translated each side will be seen to be dedicated (almost religiously) to one of the elemental spheres (i.e. air, earth, fire, and water). Each side also features a number of sigils that corresponds to the element in question




Notes to self: Passage ‘XXX’ is to the west. Furthermore, the above sigils will also be used in some kind of puzzle (for example, a character might need a key with a flame decoration to open a lock inscribed with the bottom left 'fire' triangle).

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