Wednesday 25 January 2023

#dungeon23 - January - Area 25



  • Beyond a decorative archway at the far end of this passage (i.e. 25a) the wall is filled with the bass relief of a large angry face (with an open mouth and bulging cheeks – i.e. the face of someone blowing or whistling maybe).

  • Closer at hand is a shallow alcove, and between this alcove and the face is another passage leading west.

ENCOUNTER: This passage is magically trapped, and once anyone enters the triggering area (marked with a ‘T’) a continuous gust of wind issues from the open mouth of the face decoration at the end of the passage. A character will then need to make a suitable test/save to advance down each 5ft square of the passage – with a failure resulting in them being blown back and hitting the southern wall (which causes 1HP of damage for every 5ft square blown back).

REVELATION: Upon the wall of the small alcove is another bass relief – this time that of a small eagle head. In place of eyes, there are two small sockets – and if two of the gemstones from area 24 are inserted into these holes, the ‘wind’ will cease (otherwise the trap resets after 1d4 hours).


(note that I'm compiling all of the entries in THIS google doc)

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