Wednesday 11 January 2023

#dungeon23 - January - Area 11



  • The south-east corner of this room has collapsed and is partially flooded (water trickles down the rubble and gathers on the floor before seeping out into smaller cracks).

  • A large crack in the north wall (around 3 to 4 ft. high/wide) seems to be traversable.

  • Near the ceiling, amidst the rubble, is a huge insect nest of sorts (belonging to a small colony of 6 stirges).

ENCOUNTER: If the players have not already encountered the stirges while ‘stuck’ in area 6, then they will be encountered here (note that stealthy PCs may attempt to sneak by without disturbing them).

REVELATION: The ‘crack’ is large enough for medium or smaller characters to walk/crawl through.

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