Monday 9 January 2023

#dungeon23 - January - Area 9



  • The corner of this room has fallen into ruin – destroying whatever might have once stood there (a bookcase maybe – judging by the bits of splintered wood and the few mouldy books that poke out from under the rubble).

  • The whole place is covered in a thick layer of dust and debris.

ENCOUNTER: Trying to pull one of the tattered books free will likely (on a roll of 1-5 on a d6) result in the book tearing or crumbling to dust. However, on the roll of a 6, the act of trying to dislodge it will cause the room to collapse further (causing minor damage to those standing nearby, and burying the books forever).

REVELATION: If a few pages of a book can be recovered, they’ll be so old and damaged (faded, mouldy, waterlogged, etc.) that little can be discerned – save for the fact that they might be concerned with elemental magic or gods. With an especially good search/roll, a character may also find a single (random) 1st level spell scroll.

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