Friday 20 January 2023

#dungeon23 - January - Area 20



  • Three stone sarcophagi are set into the walls of this passage – each of them open – with no visible lid.

  • Upon the floor lies a bloated corpse with most of it’s flesh chewed off below the waist.

ENCOUNTER: If the PC’s arrive in this room from the north, they will first hear, and then see two ghouls trying to force their way through the door to area 19 (which the goblins are holding against them).

REVELATION: Each sarcophagus is full of dark oily-water and little else save for a few (mostly) worthless trinkets. These include a broken hand mirror, a bone comb with several teeth missing, and an old leather scabbard (the scabbard is useless – but it has decorative silver fittings worth around 50gp).

Note to self: Have a similar (full) passage to the NE of here.

Additional note: As you can see, I’ve tried to plan out the rest of this level so that its proportions will be similar to that of a sheet of paper. The sizes and shapes will likely vary a little – but the idea is to have each of the doors in the large room lead to some kind of elemental feature/encounter (i.e. fire, water, earth, air).

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