Sunday 22 January 2023

#dungeon23 - January - Area 22



  • There are three (lidless) sarcophagi set into the walls of this passage – each of them filled to the brim with dark oily-water.

  • Beneath the water of each sarcophagus lies a bloated corpse – it’s milky eyes staring back at anyone that looks inside.

ENCOUNTER: If any of the corpses are disturbed by a living creature, they will all rise as bloated zombies – which should be treated as normal zombies except that they constantly drip and vomit oily water all about them (i.e. if they are allowed to rise out of their tombs, the immediate area around them is treated in a similar way to the grease spell – though they themselves are not affected).

REVELATION: Each sarcophagus contains a few (worthless) burial goods, though one of the corpses has a +1 dagger dangling from its belt (which it does not use).

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