Thursday 12 January 2023

#dungeon23 - January - Area 12



  • This tunnel is roughly 4ft. high (and narrows to a similar width in places), and looks to have been dug out by some kind of burrowing creature perhaps.

  • The whole place has a faint smell of decay and rot.

ENCOUNTER: Any ghoul encountered within this dungeon will likely use this (and the other tunnels) to flee from, or ambush the party (should the opportunity arise).

Note to self: In another room, goblins will be attempting to hold back a couple of ghouls – while one or two other ghouls use these tunnels to outflank them (possibly running into the PCs along the way).

ADDITIONAL NOTE: As you can see, I'm starting to flesh out a bit more of the dungeon map as I go along - just to get a clearer picture of where I (might) want to go with this.

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