Monday 2 January 2023

#dungeon23 - January - Area 2



  • The passage opens into a crudely carved chamber (roughly circular in shape) - with three rusty iron gates set into the walls.

  • An exsanguinated goblin corpse lies in one corner – its body covered in small wounds.

  • Beyond each gate lies a dusty passage – the walls of which are lined with worked stone.

  • The air here is cold and damp.

ENCOUNTER: There is a 50% chance that a mundane creature might be found here – munching on what’s left of the goblin.

REVELATIONS: The north gate is still functional but creaks loudly when opened. The west gate is rusted closed and will need to be forced open. The east gate also appears to be stuck, but any attempt to force it will cause the hinges to come free, and the whole thing to fall to the floor with a clatter.


Notes to self: Stirges to the east and/or west? Goblins to the north?

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