Saturday 21 January 2023

#dungeon23 - January - Area 21 (and weekly round-up)


  • A large (but shallow) pool dominates this domed chamber.
  • The sides are raised up around 2ft. from the floor, and the crystal clear water inside is around 1ft. deep.
  • Laying upon the bottom of the pool are a multitude of coins and a few small trinkets.

ENCOUNTER: Should the water of the pool be disturbed, a water weird rises to defend the chamber from the intruders. However, it will cease being hostile should anyone retrieve the elemental ring of water from the pool.

REVELATION: At the bottom of the pool can be found all of the items listed below, plus 222gp worth of miscellaneous coins (all of which can be recovered if the water weird is defeated). On the other hand, if any of the characters attempt to loot the pool while the creature is still active (perhaps some party members are attempting to keep it occupied while others are rooting around in the pool) then have them roll on the table below to see what they can recover in one combat round.

  1. 3d6 gp worth of miscellaneous coins. 
  2. 1d6 gp worth of misc. coins and a plain silver ring worth around 5gp. 
  3. 2d6 gp worth of misc. coins and a small gemstone worth around 10gp. 
  4. A silver brooch set with an obsidian gem (15gp). 
  5. A small golden bracelet (20gp). 
  6. A gold ring – similar to a signet ring but with a shield-like design that displays the sigil depicted below. The ring also bestows the wearer with the ability to breathe underwater (for a single 5 minute duration – once per day). 

Note that each result can only be obtained once – if the same number is rolled again, simply read down the list (looping back around to the top if necessary) and take the next available result. Alternatively, if a character makes a particularly good test to spot specific items of interest, then simply allow them to pick from the list.

  - emblem depicted on the elemental ring of water -


As I mentioned in last week’s round-up, I’ve continued to plan ahead a little (at least with regard to the room positions) – as the latest idea is to try and have the map fit on a single sheet of paper. 

And if I count each room AND passage as a new area – that should result in 31 areas in total (which might be cheating a bit – but I’m not too worried about it ;) ). 

Furthermore, I’m still on track for having four separate themed areas (each of which represents some kind of ‘elemental’ monster/challenge) as per the original plan – so the room directly above 21 will probably be the ‘fire’ room, and the other areas leading off the large chamber will be ‘earth’ and ‘air’ (but I’ll cross those bridges when I come to them). 

So yeah, I’m still pretty happy with my progress – though it is taking up more time than I envisaged (but that was always going to be the case with me… as I do tend to get a bit carried away at times). 


Note: I'm compiling all of these entries in THIS google doc.

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