Saturday 7 January 2023

#dungeon23 - January - Area 7 (and week 1 roundup)



  • The walls and ceiling of this passage are in poor repair – with great chunks of masonry lying on the floor where it has partially collapsed.

  • The floor itself is coated in a strange, sticky goo (which also drips down the broken walls in places) that makes traversing it problematic (treat as the entangle spell).

ENCOUNTER(S): If the players are not particularly stealthy when traversing this passage, they will likely disturb the stirges that have made area (XX) their nest.

Note to self: Room ‘XX’ will be directly to the east.


* * * * *

So, that’s the first week of #dungeon23 done, and I think it’s going OK.

Keeping track of the whole thing in a google doc is working out well – as it means that I can add notes for upcoming rooms as I go along, and then go back and change an entry (and delete said notes) if I need to.

However, even though I have a rough sketch that I’m working to, I’m probably going to start drawing out a few rooms at a time from now on (at least their basic shape and location) – as I think that will help with the overall layout (and prevent me from writing/drawing myself into too many corners – if that makes sense).

Anyway, that’s one week down, three more to go… and that should be level 1 complete :)




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